Whitelabel Penetration Testing

What is a Penetration Test?

We’re going to talk about whitelabel penetration testing, but first we need to outline what a penetration test is. A penetration test, also known as a pentest, is a security assessment that proactively finds vulnerabilities for a company. A pentest firm is granted permission to simulate an offensive attack, which helps identify both strengths and weaknesses allowing for a full risk assessment. 

The deliverable after a penetration test is a report that outlines the findings; This includes an executive report, technical findings, and a summary that outlines the likelihood and business impact of a cyber security attack. In addition, the report should provide steps to fix findings.


By simulating an adversary; pentesters are able to identify attack paths, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. 


After safely exploiting vulnerabilities, pentesters work to understand the business impact of what can be accomplished. 


Utilizing the business impact & likelihood of exploitation, a pentest report prioritizes remediation requirements & provides suggestions on how to do so.

What is a whitelabel penetration test?

A whitelabel penetration test is when an offensive security assessment is performed by one company, often a specialized pentest firm, and then is rebranded for another company to deliver the work to their customer. This practice is also commonly referred to as private-label penetration testing. 

Who is whitelabel pentesting for?

Whitelabel penetration testing provides existing MSP’s and MSSP’s the capability to provide pentesting services to their customers – without the cost and complexity of building an internal pentest team. Cyber security vendors might also choose to work with a white label penetration testing company so that they can add the service to their professional services portfolio.

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Why Should the Channel Offer Penetration Testing?

There are a number of reasons that the channel community should add pentesting to their services.

In recent years, a majority of MSPs have been racing to expand their portfolio of services to include cybersecurity products and services. Those same MSPs quickly learned that selling security was more challenging than some of the more traditional IT products and services they were selling.

Why? Well that’s because most companies see cybersecurity as a cost center; particularly in the SMB market. Odds are that if you’re reading this, you’ve experienced a customer using a free trial but then receiving feedback that while the product is neat and would be great to have, they just can’t justify the price. 

Our suggestion is simple: You should try leading with an in-depth penetration test. Not an automated scan, but a full blown manual penetration test that not only identifies gaps in a companies security posture; but also determines the business impact if those gaps are exploited. If you do that, you can better quantify the impact of not taking action and help your customer prioritize their security spend. By doing so, you’re no longer shelling out free trials hoping they like the newest shiny product, but instead, you’re being an advisor that helps them understand their security issues & evaluates the best solutions for those issues.

High Margins & Recurring Revenue

Uncover Upsell Opportunities

Become an Advisor

Whitelabel Pentest Process

1. Pre Sales & Scoping

Our team only succeeds if you're able to sell our services. We'll help with marketing collateral, identifying the right clients to position pentesting services with, and we'll support active pursuits.

2. Project Management

Penetration tests require project managers who know the insides and outs of pentesting. Our dedicated PM helps ensure a smooth pentesting process for you & your customers.

3. Documentation & Reporting

After testing is completed, the final deliverable is put together utilizing your branding. The whitelabeled report includes executive summaries, prioritized technical findings, and remediation steps.

4. Post Engagement Support

Our firm provides on-going support as well as remediation testing to ensure all findings have been fixed. We also ensure we're available for questions at any time post engagement.


To summarize, a penetration test is a cyber security assessment that simulates an attack with the goal of identifying (as well as remediating) vulnerabilities. Whitelabel penetration testing is a strategy that allows the report to be branded as a company other than the one performing the assessment. Most often, we find MSP’s & MSSP’s choose to whitelabel penetration tests so that they can avoid the overhead & overall complexities of building an internal pentest team.

By white labeling our penetration testing services, we become an extension of your team. Together, we make quality security assessments possible and affordable for all companies.

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