Whitelabel Penetration Testing Services

Pentest Services For MSPs

Our services are simple: We’ll do the heavy lifting of performing manual penetration testing services. You’ll receive a branded report that is ready to be delivered to your customers. In the end, your customer will turn towards you for recommendations & guidance on remediating the most critical vulnerabilities found in their environment.

There are different types and scopes of penetration tests. Review our core offerings below.

External Network Penetration Test

An external penetration test identifies vulnerabilities that an attacker without prior access to your systems or network could exploit.
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Internal Network Penetration Test

An internal pentest identifies the business impact of an attacker or insider who has access into your corporate environment.
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Web or Mobile Application Penetration Test

A web or mobile app penetration test identifies vulnerabilities & logic flaws in applications.
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Ransomware Preparedness Assessment

Help your customers understand how they'd do against an exhaustive list of ransomware strains. Review the necessary controls & policies that can mitigate the impact of new ransomware strains. Our Ransomware Preparedness Assessment is a proactive approach to tackling the ransomware issues all companies are worried about.
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Actionable Pentest Report

Our reports document every step of the engagement in a clear and concise manner. Reports include a high-level executive summary that translates highly technical findings into information catered to executive leadership. You’ll also see that our reports include in-depth details about technical findings, how to reproduce them, and what the options for remediating them are. Along with these findings, you’ll receive guidance on best practices to further strengthen your security posture.

All of this, including a separate 3rd party attestation letter, can be whitelabeled for MSPs and other partners.

Why Partner With X?


X Security is a small team with our exclusive focus being on penetration testing. Our experience comes from years of working in the most reputable penetration testing firms with some of largest customers across the globe. Each member of the team comes from an offensive security background with years of experience in either managing assessments or performing pentests. With this, our channel partners not only trust our work to be of high quality but also trust us to help scale their security business. 

Most importantly, our experience is how you know your customers are in the right hands.


Admittedly, companies with a mission or purpose is a cliche now-a-days. That said, the increasing focus on SMBs by cyber criminals is a cause for concern. We feel that the lack of pentesting companies positioned for the SMB market is a root cause of this – if the SMB market doesn’t understand where it’s most critical vulnerabilities are, how can they make the right investments to strengthen their security posture?

So, that’s our purpose. To help the SMB market strengthen their security posture – and we can’t do it without you, the channel community.

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