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The penetration testing industry has long ignored the channel community by only working directly with customers. Yet - we have seen the pentesting industry experience massive growth over the years. With that growth pentesting has become less affordable, less consistent, and less transparent. While enterprises have access to quality pentest providers, small and medium-sized businesses are left to fend for themselves. 

That's where X Security comes in - by partnering with the channel community we aim to make quality pentests affordable for SMB's.


External Network

Comprehensive security assessment of a companies’ perimeter systems.

An external network is made up of all systems publicly accessible from the internet. Because of this, external networks are consistently targeted by bad actors and even a minor vulnerability can have a high impact.

An external network pentest assesses the security configurations of servers, firewalls, routers, and other infrastructure open to the internet.

Internal Network

In-depth assessment of a companies internal security posture. 

The internal network is everything protected from the outside world; Employee desktops, servers with sensitive information, critical applications, etc. The focus of an internal network penetration test is to identify the business impact of an attacker with internal access to your systems; this could be a malicious employee, a successful attacker, or even access from a 3rd party vendor.

An internal network pentest provides insight into the business risk & impact of a compromise.


Web & Mobile Applications

Identify vulnerabilities in web applications and mobile applications. 

Applications are at the forefront of business; Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, etc. are all examples of large companies with applications at the core of their business. Applications are interactive and highly dynamic, meaning the attack surface is large and complex. 

A web application or mobile application penetration test aims to identify common vulnerabilities found in the OWASP top 10, but also goes beyond that to find more nuanced and discreet vulnerabilities. 

Vulnerability scan

Less thorough assessment utilizing automated tools to identify low hanging fruit. Manual confirmation of findings to avoid false positives & recommend remediation steps.

While not as thorough as penetration tests, a vulnerability scan might satisfy a customers’ security testing requirements.

Vulnerability scans are often 100% automated and result in multiple false-positive findings. Our vulnerability scans leverage automated tools, but our team takes it one step further to validate all findings 



What makes X Security Group unique is the combination of channel experience and our reporting capabilities that allow us to white label our penetration tests. Our customers choose to utilize our team of focused penetration testers to perform the assessment while utilizing their marketing/branding on the reports.

Because of this, we’re able to deliver our services via the channel so that SMB’s can get quality pentesting at an affordable price.



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