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CyAssess Platform

X Security completed a myriad of manual risk assessments for MSPs throughout 2021 and 2022. Using that knowledge, we developed CyAssess, a platform that helps MSPs systematically run cyber risk assesssments.

X Security Group is a cybersecurity firm that was built to bring high quality, yet affordable, security services to small & medium sized businesses. To accomplish this, we only deliver our services through the channel. By white labeling our cyber security services, we become an extension of your team.

Add Security Services

Increase sales opportunities by providing your team with more services to sell.

Channel Driven

X Security only offers it's pentesting services to the channel. Under no circumstance will we sell direct.

Increase Trust

Become your customers trusted advisor for security needs by identifying & remediating their critical vulnerabilities.

Whitelabel Pentest Reports

Executive Summary

Provide senior leadership with an overview of risk and business impact.


Vulnerability Overview

View all identified findings and associated severity at a glance.


Vulnerability Details

Provide context to technical findings: business impact, and remediation steps.



External Network Penetration Test

An external penetration test identifies vulnerabilities that an attacker without prior access to your systems or network could exploit.

Internal Network Penetration Test

An internal pentest identifies the business impact of an attacker or insider who has an initial foothold within your corporate environment.

Web & Mobile App Penetration Test

A web or mobile app penetration test identifies vulnerabilities & logic flaws in applications.


A vulnerability scan is an automated tool that can be used on both networks & applications. Our team then manually confirms findings & creates a report.

*Not a managed vulnerability scanning service*

The most effective way to add the 'S' (security) to your MSP is by partnering with key vendors, providers, and true-MSSPs. And, as with all things MSP, choosing the right vendors will have a long-lasting impact on the business.

Selecting cybersecurity partners is one of the more crucial decisions the MSP business owner will make."

-Tommy Wald, Security boulevard


Partner Program

Learn about our Global Partner Program.


We address some of the most common questions about penetration testing we get from the channel community.

Questions To Ask Pentest Vendors

Evaluating pentest vendors to partner with? Here are a few questions that may help identify key differences in providers.

eBook: Pentesting for the Channel

Dive deep into the pentesting world & how the channel community can leverage the service for their benefit.
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